Snoopy Easter

Dear Families,

Spring break is quickly approaching! Lets hope we actually start to see some Spring weather!  May this coming week off be enjoyed with family, friends and relaxation!
Flowers Happy

Our new Kindergarten Registration date is  April 17, 2018.  If you or someone you know are registering a child please make sure to bring the following items for health records, in addition to what the main office needs:
   * Immunization Records
   * Most recent Physical signed by an MD or Nurse            Practitioner.

The children are all eager to get back out on our play ground. Unfortunately it tends to hold on to moisture longer than we would like. Please keep in mind different areas of the building may be warmer or cooler than others. It is best to encourage your child to dress in layers. Please,remember as the weather has been very inconsistent, your child will need to wear appropriate outer wear in order to be able to go out to recess.

                 Children on playground

If you received your Free Kinsa Thermometer, Please remember to use the app. and log in symptoms.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.
Lori Scully RN, BSN, CSN
Donahue School Nurse
609-660-8900 ext. 8004