Class Homework
In order to prepare our children for the Brachman Middle School we will institute new homework procedures to facilitate proper time management and assignment organization skills. In addition to the reading log, the students will receive a book or a non-fiction article bi-weekly and by Friday must have read the book and written two sentences pertaining to the subject matter of this book, or have answered questions regarding the informational text.  

We will have spelling for homework as well, utilizing a student driven spelling menu and math will be skill based. Please note that spelling will flip between the A and B side of the notebook. 

Math will comprise of a packet of skill work that will be counted as a take home quiz grade.  Students will have at least 2 weeks to complete the packet (no more than 5 pieces of skill).  It is advised that students and parents work on this together as some work may require assistance.  

Please keep in mind that homework is counted as 15% of your child's grade.