June 11-15 & 18-21 Image result for no homework Image result for Enjoy the summer *IMPORTANT* If your student has forgotten their homework.... Reading log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Mu5Z38uJ3SVFB5STFKQVN3T3M/view?usp=sharing For the math homework you can follow these steps to print it out at home. 1.Log on to thinkcentral. Their username is their first and last name no capitals or spaces (example: jimanderson.) Their password is jtds___ in this blank is your students number in the classroom (example: jtds7) 2. Go to their library 3. Choose the icon Interactive Student Edition 4. Click on the lesson 5. Find the line with colored dots on it. Click on the orange dot. 6. The screen should say Personal Math Trainer. Click on the whistle. 7. Find and click the Textbook button on the right hand side. 8. Scroll down until you see the homework. You will have to print two pages.