ABCs of Ms. O'Neill

The ABCs


Ms. O'Neill


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A: Aidan is the name of my youngest son. 
B: Boxing is my new favorite hobby. 
C: Cats are my least favorite animal. 
D: Deirdre is my youngest daughter's name. 
E: Eiffel Tower is my favorite structure.
F: Favorite food is Sushi.
G: Grab a book...I love to read!!
H: The Office is my favorite TV show.
I: I love MATH.
J: Jack is the name of my oldest son. 
K: Kindness is the foundation of my classroom. 
L:  Love teaching 5th grade!
M: Mushrooms are a food I'm allergic to. 
N: New Paltz is where I went to college. 
O: Oliver is my dog's name. 
P:  Paris is my favorite city. 
Q: Queens is where I was born. 
R:  Really afraid of bugs and tunnels.
S: Siobhan is the name of my oldest daughter. 
T: Thursday is my favorite day of the week. 
U: Under the sea is to snorkel and scuba.
V:  Vampires are Twilight Team Edward! 
W: WaWa Hazelnut coffee is my favorite!
X:  eXit 67 is where I live. 
Y:  Youngest of 5 children.
Z:  Zero tolerance for bullying!