Focus Skills
   Focus Skills
Kindergarten        Identify, say, sound, and write letters. 
Count, identify and write numbers from 1                                  to 20.
                        Make 10.
                        Skip count by 10 and 5.
1st Grade            Add and subtraction within 20. 
2nd Grade          Add and subtract within 100.
  Count coins
  Measurement to the nearest inch
  Tell time
3rd Grade           Add and subtract within 1,000.
                           Memorize multiplication facts for fluency.
4th Grade          Lines, angles and polygons
 Add and subtract within 1,000,000.                                                Multiplication and division up to 12.  
                          Multi Digit Multiplication and Division
5th Grade          Identify and classify polygons.
                           Add and subtract within 1,000,000.                                                   Multi Digit Multiplication and Division