Learning Objectives


Spring, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, animals, insects 

(Refer to the weekly ELA newsletter for list of high frequency and spelling words.)

Spelling/Phonics Skills and Grammar: Long i and e words, compound words, see and saw, inflectional endings -ed, -ing and -s. 

Phonological Awareness Skills: Beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Rhyming and segmenting sounds in words.

Comprehension Strategy: Ask and answer questions to find key details (character, setting, main idea). Plot (beginning, middle and end). Compare and contrast. Point of view. Main idea and key details. 

Spelling: Spelling words and ABC order. Capitalization and punctuation. Informative and narrative writing (animal and all about me writing projects.) 


Fluency: Addition and subtraction within 100. 

Bar graphs, picture graphs
Geometry-2d and 3d shapes

Social Studies

Mother's Day
Cinco de Mayo


Plants and animals

Daily 5 Centers:

ELA: Writing (with teacher,) reading comprehension (with teacher,) independent work, word work, and technology. 
Math: Meet with teacher, independent work, number work, technology.