Begin Eternal Warrior, Look for rhythmic and tonal patterns.

Conquest and The Hey Song Audio mp3 added to useful links.
Download and play along with song.

Begin Conquest
Observe any new notes.

Grade 4 and 5
Begin The Hey Song
Look for rhythmic and tonal patterns.

1/8/18, 1/26/18
Grade 4 and 5
Hard Rock Blues, look for rhythmic and tonal patterns, break down each pattern, and play

12/11/17, 12/25/17
Grade 4 and 5
Continue this assignment over the break.
Practice Jingle Bells and My Dreydl
Review all the work we have done so far.
 January we will begin to learn songs for the concert in May.
Remember to always warm up with long notes before you play a song.

10/27/17, 11/20/17
Grade 4 and 5  Essential Elements, number 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, Begin 14
Tip for both grades, Always warm - up with long notes, all the notes we learned, use the mirror, then work on one exercise at a  time, or a few measures at a time. Do not play everything in one day. Do the assignment over several days. Try to play three to four days a week.
Watch the start - up video on my page under useful links.
Memorize the correct fingering of the notes, and memorize the staff letter names.

Grade 4 Practice the five notes. Remember to use the mirror and warm up with long notes.
Grade 5 Warm up with long notes

Grade 4/5
Blow into mouthpiece to get sound, check your embouchure in the mirror.
Assemble the instrument and place mouthpiece in instrument and make long sounds.

Grade 4/5
Watch start up video on my webpage.
Say staff letter names three times.
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