Tips For Success

Tips for Success


1.  Practice, Practice, Practice, at least four to five days a week.

2.  Warm-up by blowing into the mouthpiece or head joint, with long sounds.

3.  Connect the mouthpiece or head joint to your instrument and play long notes, start with the lower pitch notes, than move higher. This should be part of your practice routine, at least every other day. This warm-up helps prepare you to play. Woodwinds start your note with a TU sound, and Brasswinds, start your note with a TAH sound.

4.  Use the mirror to check for proper mouthpiece placement, and instrument placement. The mirror is a tool.

5.  Always pay attention to good posture and good playing position.

6.  Obtain a folding music stand to place your book or sheet music on.

7.  Review the notes, rhythms, and songs, we learned in class.

Remember to warm- up first. At least every other day, work on a section of the music, while reviewing what you practiced before.

8.  You may use a metronome to help you keep steady time and a steady beat. For iPhone, or Android there is a FREE app called Tempo Lite. You may also use an online free metronome.

9.  Practice at home with family, friends and your Team Members.

10.  Play for your parents, family, and guests.

11.  Watch and review, your instrument start up video, on my website.

12.  By mail, send for, or download, songs from Essential Elements, and play along with it. There is information on how to do this in the book. You will need the student activation code on page one.

13.  Always look ahead, when reading, and while playing music.

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