Gifted and Talented Curriculum

‚ÄčGifted and Talented is a one marking period course for students who meet the district requirements. It is available to qualifying third, fourth, and fifth grade students. The curriculum for each grade level is listed below.

Grade 3- Lego Robotics I

Students will learn and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) areas. As a culminating activity, students will build and program a working robot that can perform various tasks.

Grade 4- Lego Robotics II

Students will expand their understanding of engineering, programming and modeling through the Lego Robotics Program introduced in grade 3. The students will work collaboratively to build more complex robots. They will have the opportunity to write original programs for their models. 

Grade 5- Full STEAM Ahead

Students will explore how Technology, Engineering and Mathematics relate to areas of Earth, Life and Physical Sciences through a series of units designed to promote the use of the scientific method and design process. Students will research scientific concepts and collaboratively develop scaled models and simulations that address real-world situations, such as earthquakes, invasive species, physics, and engineering.