Reading Tips

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Patcheeno Reading


This is Patcheeno, one of my Certified Therapy Dogs. He is also a  great reading coach, and has some important advice for you...

     Reading Tips from Patcheeno
* Take time out to enjoy a good book with your best friend whether they have four legs or two. Pets are good listeners and they don't care if you make a mistake.   

* Read for a few minutes every day.

* Pick out books about subjects you like, and are interested in learning more about.

* Visit the J.T.D.S. and Ocean County Library, and ask a librarian to help you find a book that is just right.

* Read for fun, not just because you have to do it.    

* Ask someone to read to you.

* Read recipes, directions, signs and labels. Don't forget words are everywhere!

* Check out the "Read to a Dog" programs at the Library, and you just may see us there too. Reading is fun for me and you!